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Dempsey is a Golden Retriever puppy who is in training to become a Helping Paws service dog for an individual with a physical disability. He lives with his parents Doreen and Paul, and Bailey the cat. None has ever trained a puppy before. These are their adventures. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly those of the blog author. The contents of this blog have not been reviewed or approved by Helping Paws, Inc.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Into the Blogosphere!

I've been curious about the blogosphere for a while. Now that my lovely wife and I will be moving to Paris later this month, I thought this would be a perfect time to launch a blog. Ergo sum.

In the interest of privacy, we will be referring to ourselves as pyama and dobell (pronounced "doe belle"). Those of you who know, know. Here, don't refer to us as anything but, please.

I tried thinking of some nice poetry for my wife "doe belle," but all I could think of was this doggerel from Shakespeare:

If a hart do lack a hind,
Let him seek out Rosalind.
If the cat will after kind,
So be sure will Rosalind.
Winter garments must be lined,
So must slender Rosalind.
They that reap must sheaf and bind;
Then to cart with Rosalind.
Sweetest nut hath sourest rind,
Such a nut is Rosalind.
He that sweetest rose will find
Must find love's prick and Rosalind.

Such a nut -- huh! Any suggestions for a good romantic poem mentioning a belle doe? Not likely, I know.

(btw, Sonnet 130 is also a parody, which a lot of people seem to misunderstand. I can't believe people are selling bad term papers on the Internet arguing otherwise. But that's another rant altogether. Grrrr.)