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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Car talk

Cross-cultural branding blunder: "The LiFan group, a major Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, plans to call its first car the 'Doodoo' because--according to its chairman, the 'name sounds round and fat, like Audi. ... Cars with names that sound thin and hard don't do as well.'" Audi sounds round and fat and like Doodoo? I don't think so. This has gotta be an urban legend like the Chevy Nova story.

I didn't know Slate columnist Mickey Kaus is a "car guy," but he's written an interesting if sloppy piece on last season's auto shows. (Interesting if you're a car guy; otherwise, just sloppy.) Love his description of the Ford Visos. And I actually like the Nissan Jikoo, though I guess that's my Japanese DNA.

I notice that the Geneva auto show is coming up. The new BMW 3-series is debuting there, and word is that the odious Chris Bangle has finally been reined in, if not fired. A trip to Geneva sounds better than the Paris Sewer Museum, doesn't it? (Hint, hint.) I've entered a drawing for 2 free show tickets; hopefully I won't win the Peugeot instead.