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Friday, January 07, 2005

Glamourous Paris

Just before arriving, our landlord let us know there was a problem with the toilet seat - un siege pour toilette. It, had, she said, cracked and would need to be replaced. No problem, she said, they would have one at the "Darty" at the end of our street. Our first shopping spree in Paris!

Alas, there were none. We tried the "Tati" - we believe, the French equivalent of a dollar store. We spotted a translucent siege pour toilette with glittery sequins embedded - picture a toilet seat made in the style of the jelly sandals kids wore in the 90's. I know, it's just a toilet seat, but....

On to INNO - an all purpose store with clothes, books, household items - but no toilet seats. (I did pick up a surge protector for our computer. I think. That or sunglasses for a baby - eclipse pour les enfants.) I finally approached a clerk and asked if she had un siege pour toilette. She looked alarmed though I am unsure if she was alarmed at the request, my French, or the fact that I actually asked for help. I do not believe the French ever discuss toilet seats. She shook her head non and walked away.

For years, I have heard about the fabulous shopping in Paris. I guess it's just the glittery sequins in the toilet seats.