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Friday, January 28, 2005

Global SpongeBob

So I'm here waiting for an 11pm phone interview (the fun is non-stop with the time difference), reading a Spanish newspaper, when I see a big pop-up ad for La Bob Esponja PelĂ­cula ("The Bob Sponge Movie.") The Bob Sponge?

This seems more interesting than the zillionth article about the violence in Iraq, so I click on the link. The Bob Sponge is coming to Spain!

He's also coming to Germany (where he is known as Spongebob Swimming Head) and to France (where he is known as Bob the Sponge).

It's interesting visiting the different Websites to see the differences. The German and Spanish are pretty similar, except that the German site uses a lot of English. (This is called "Denglish.")

The German and Spanish sites look a lot like the American site, but the French site (of course) looks totally different. And on the home page, instead of a movie trailer, there are videos of French actors doing the voiceovers in French. Seems like a strange way to promote a movie, doesn't it?

It's really funny to watch SpongeBob speak different languages. Wish I could understand German and French. It would be interesting to see if the translations of the dialogue are different.

p.s. The link to to Spanish trailer is broken. The correct link should be: