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Monday, January 31, 2005

Paris Podcast!

Technical experiment: I just launched a podcast. So in addition to reading about our adventures in Paris, you can listen to us as well. Ira Glass, watch out!

Honestly, since I hate the sound of my voice, the podcast won't have much, unless y'all have requests from my fine collection of Steve Earle or Iris DeMent records.

Here's the URL for the RSS feed:

(If you want to listen but are unsure how, send me an e-mail and I'll show you when (if?) we put up more interesting content.)

I guess this is the second "radio" show that I've worked on the technical end; you can see the first one here. For those of you've who've asked me what lobbyists do, this will give you a little sample. I know it may sound wonky, but trust me -- Steve's an awesome writer.

Technical notes for nerds
Recorded using
Audacity, 22KHz sampling rate, mono, 16-bit depth, normalized to -3dB, and exported into MP3 format. FTP'd the MP3 to a Webserver, and then linked from Blogger. Blogger only supports RSS 1.0 and Atom, so to get an RSS 2.0 feed, I had to link Blogger to FeedBurner. On the receiving end, iPodder is not available for Windows, so I'm using the Doppler aggregator and then exporting to iTunes.

Kids, don't try this at home! It's kinda hard.

Hope Doreen comes back before I start a vlog.