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Friday, April 29, 2005

Mont Saint Michel

The last time we tried visiting Mont Saint Michel, we arrived after dark. This time, we were determined to see it during the day.

Mont Saint Michel is an abbey and town built on Mont Tombe (Tomb Mountain), a rocky outcropping on the Brittany coast. The tides are pretty extreme here. At high tide, Mont Saint Michel is surrounded by water, and at low tide, it is surrounded by sandy flats. First settled in the 8th century, Mont Saint Michel has a huge medieval abbey which nearly doubles the height of the island. In the 19th century, the abbey was used as a prison.

The views are spectacular, particularly from the abbey and ramparts. It's also quite a climb to the top of the hill. The main street is full of trinket peddlers these days, but if you step off the main street, you can still get a sense of how Mont Saint Michel felt in ye olden dayes.

After visiting Mont Saint Michel, we went to Avranches, a nearby town, for dinner. Of course, Avranches was also darling, with an old castle and walls on a hill. We stopped at the ramparts and watched the sun set over Mont Saint Michel and the English Channel.