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Dempsey is a Golden Retriever puppy who is in training to become a Helping Paws service dog for an individual with a physical disability. He lives with his parents Doreen and Paul, and Bailey the cat. None has ever trained a puppy before. These are their adventures. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly those of the blog author. The contents of this blog have not been reviewed or approved by Helping Paws, Inc.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blam warning

Within 5 minutes of posting my previous entry, I noticed 5 comments.

I hope it's clear to y'all that none of our friends are actually insurance salesmen, peddlers of herbal toxin-cleansers, or mortgage brokers who are able to give you a low, low rate. Well, at least, none of our friends admit to it.

This is clearly blog spam -- "blam," let's call it. I wonder what the technology is behind it, that they can respond so quickly. It can't just be a Web crawler, can it? The world is an interesting place.

I'm going to delete these messages, but if there are a few that I've missed, please do not click on any of the links. They can trace where the click came from, which will only attract more blam to our blog.

Thank you kindly!