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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Paul: I am the king!

In case there was any doubt, Paul is the king. And not just in L.A.

Every year, during the Feast of the Epiphany, Parisians celebrate with a galette du roi. Each cake has a little trinket baked inside, and the person who gets the piece with the trinket is king for the day.

When Doreen and I bought a galette today, I was expecting the trinket to be a piece of plastic junk, like the kind you find with your Frosted Sugar Bombs. But the fève -- doesn't it sound cooler in French? -- was much nicer. It's ceramic, and I nearly chipped a tooth when I bit into it.
Below are pictures of me as king, and of the fève, which, of course, is a little wine bottle. (A 2001 vintage Riesling, to be exact. It's quite detailed.)

Being crowned king topped off a great day. We started with a trip to the flea market at Clignancourt to look for a cheap rolling cart, the kind everyone in Paris seems to have. (If you think these are just for grandmothers, be sure to click on "ser o no ser" in the previous link and watch the video.)

We couldn't find a cart that we liked, so we just spent some time browsing through some antiques.

Afterwards, we went to Chateau Vincennes, which was the royal palace in France before it was moved to Versailles. Most of it was closed for repairs, but it was fun walking around the grounds.

We are now at home trying to get our Internet telephone working. It's been quite the challenge trying to explain in French that we need an ADSL modem with an RJ-45 Ethernet dongle, not a USB 2.0, for a VOIP telephone and WiFi router. We finally got the part, but of course now there's a firmware issue. Grrrrr. We'll let you know when I get it working, and you can call us without incurring international long distance charges.